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Overnight / Day Summer Camp for kids - let's ride!
Motorcycle training facility

Located near Austin, Texas


motocross coach
summer camp counselor


Counselors or persons with outdoor abilities to help us at our summer camp ranch resort for summer 2018.

Men and Women on our staff for Iron Horse Country Ranch, a premier kids resort and one of the only Dirt Bike Training Facilities in the country.
You must be a leader and able to work well with children 8-15 years old and act professionally
You will be trained to ride motorcycles and become a professional instructor for coaching children to ride. All that you must be able to do before official training is to ride a bicycle well. Kids come from all over to experience riding a motorcycle for their first time and we need good energetic counselors/coaches to help out.You must like to play with the kids!
Your job is to help the kids ride and to focus on them to keep the riders safe. A typical day includes training kids to ride small trail motorcycles ,taking videos, playing in rec-center , air hockey, ping pong or swimming and other typical camp activities at rest breaks.

Our staff is picked from persons with good skills, from dealing with children, taking photos, dealing with ranch animals, mechanical skills, to driving a bus. Any safety courses you have taken are a plus, Life-guard, Red-cross certifications.

We have a lake, trails, tracks and a swimming pool. All the buildings have A/C - very plush camp. We have motocross tracks for the more advance riders and advanced teachers for them. Once on our staff you will get access to all these great things to lead your group of children through each week .

As a small camp your position requires a lot of different duties. You must like the outdoors. It does get hot in Texas. Camp counselor job duties vary by ability. Some may have mechanical abilities and help with maintenace of the motorcycles, while others help more with food, others to clean up, and maintenance , but we all take care of the campers. There is a high level of responsibility because of the motorcycles. We have specific training procedures and rules for the children riding to keep a zero tolerance level for accidents. This is why we are looking for leader-like counselors to work with our team .

TO QUALIFY (No Exceptions )
You must be able to work all Summer June 11- August 11 M-F 8-5pm . July 4th week off in the middle of summer. We are a day camp only this year. We start in the next couple of weeks for training. Must be at least 21 and over 24 a plus ( insurance reasons) You Need to be in good shape - able to jog a mile. Excellent driving record and no CRIMINAL RECORD. NO SMOKERS. You should live about 15 minutes from 183/620 in North Austin - SOUTH Austin is too Far to drive to ranch each day. You may also go directly to ranch if it is closer to you. You may ride shuttle bus with children from 183/620 to camp everyday . We will provide you with a lunch every day of camp.

*To be considered for the job email us your resume. Note any camp experience.We need your resume and a brief paragraph about yourself. tell us why you think you would be a good fit at our camp. You will have the best summer ever riding and teaching kids to ride dirt bikes. E-maill us back to start your adventure.

Thank you for considering our camp.

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